Paul Taylor's Company B, Timeless as Ever
March 7, 2016

Paul Taylor Dance Company in a 2015 production of Company B

In our March issue’s History: Lesson Plan, we learn about Paul Taylor, a prolific choreographer of the 20th and 21st centuries known for his often paradoxical take on modern dance, highlighting light and dark themes and balancing pedestrian movement with a sweeping lyricism.

Taylor’s Company B (1991) is a meditation on wartime attitudes. He juxtaposed Americans’ high spirits in the 1940s with the sacrifices of World War II, set to the Andrews Sisters’ songs. Click here to see an excerpt from this piece, from the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive.

And here’s another excerpt, performed by Miami City Ballet:

Or see the company in person at Lincoln Center in New York, March 15–April 3!

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Photo by Paul B. Goode, courtesy of PTDC

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