On Desmond and Planning for the Summer
December 30, 2015

What a treat it was to watch Desmond Richardson in action during our photo shoot. He’s the consummate professional, giving the camera his best angles and hitting his mark nearly every shot. (Of course it helps to work with a photographer as talented as Matthew Murphy!) And between takes, we had a great discussion—everything from plans for Complexions Contemporary Ballet to move to Atlanta later this year, to the presence a mature dancer can bring to the stage and what Richardson envisions for his career at midlife. Did you know that in his spare time, the triple-threat artist writes, paints, crochets and indulges his interest in interior design? “But mostly I love to write songs,” he told me. “I’m a singer, so I do like to study my voice whenever I have an opportunity.”

After the shoot, he headed into the ballet studio for the annual Complexions summer intensive. It was the first day of the program, and he set an ambitious pace—scatting the rhythm like a jazz vocalist—tá tikka tá tatá—and snapping his fingers while prowling the room. We’ve got some great shots of class in “The Sharing Part Is Everything.”

You’ll find details and dates for Complexions and a host of other summer intensives in the 2016 Dance Teacher Summer Study Guide. Arranged geographically by state, it gives you and your students more choices than ever. And studio owners, we’ve got you covered at home. In “Three Takes on Summer Camps,” studio directors explain how they keep business active and profitable during the lean summer months.

Photo by Matthew Murphy


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