October 2007
October 1, 2007

Right on the Mark

Dance Precisions’ owner and director, Edith Montoya, has a winning philosophy.

Past, Present and Future

As competitions proliferate, teachers reflect on how they’ve changed—and where they’re headed.

In Good Shape

Give your choreography an edge with outstanding formations.

Navigating the Commercial World

Tips to help students break into commercial dance

2008 Competition Guide

A guide to more than 150 events in the upcoming year


Festive costumes for the season

Performance Planner: Flying Colors

Make a visual splash with a multicolored recital.

Raymond Lukens

A force behind New York University and ABT’s new master’s program in ballet pedagogy discusses what makes a good teacher.

Ask the Experts

Advice on setting up an online registration system and tips to optimize students’ down time

Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn

Modern dance pioneers

Speaking the Same Language

Using dance to teach ESL students

Charting the Course

How colleges and universities can devise meaningful program assessments

Green Learning

Turn your studio into an environmentally friendly place to learn.

The Truth About Pesticides & Organics

Find out why and when buy organic.

Banish Burnout

Test how well you can spot students who need a break with our handy quiz.



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