November 2006
November 1, 2006

Mia Full of Grace

Mia Michaels’ tough yet nurturing approach has helped renowned artists and unknowns alike reach new levels of emotional artistry.

2007 Costume Preview

More than 100 styles for the upcoming recital season, plus shoes

Costume Catastrophe!

Five creative ways to save the day when your costumes go astray

Complex Costumes

Strategies for helping students work with unwieldy stagewear

Panic-Free Partnering

Preparing your ballet students for partner work

Something Old, Something New

Tips for teaching basic steps in new ways

Performance Planner: Drawn Together

Capitalize on the popularity of comic books in your next recital.

Double Duty

How to run your own company while on faculty

Ask the Experts

Answers to questions about hiring a studio manager, learning students’ names and finding new Nutcracker venues

Pass the Buck

Choosing which payment method will suit your customers


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