"Newsies," A Cappella Style
May 23, 2014

Um, wow. You need to see this filmed-in-one-shot Newsies medley—sung entirely a cappella by Brigham Young University’s Vocal Point group. With help from 85 others from the BYU film department, the Ballroom Dance Company, Contemporary Dance Theatre and Folk Dance Ensemble, this is a five-minute tribute to the Newsies score, complete with newsboy caps, stunning vocals, a few layouts, a couple of aerials and a whole lot of excitement.

But an even better watch is the behind-the-scenes video created by the film crew, showing every camera angle and the (sometimes hilarious) camera hand-offs that were necessary to get the entire thing in one shot. Pulleys are rigged up to sweep the camera to the second floor (and back down), and you’ll even see a few performers crawling on their bellies from scene to scene, to avoid being caught in the camera’s viewfinder.

The first video is the finished product; the second is the behind-the-scenes glimpse.


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