Why Your News Feed Is Filled with People Dancing for 23 Seconds
October 13, 2016

Thanks to the American Diabetes Association, it’s safe to say you may be expected to get your groove on a little more frequently over the next few weeks. That’s because of ADA’s #DiabetesDanceDare. To raise awareness about and build support for those affected by diabetes, ADA is asking you to choose a song and show 23 seconds of your best moves. (Why 23 seconds? Because every 23 seconds, another American is diagnosed with diabetes.) Plus, you get to dare three more people, once you’ve finished your short-and-sweet solo. (Also, can we just take a moment to note HOW MUCH BETTER this challenge is than the ice bucket one? So. Much. Better.)

If you need inspiration, please enjoy this adorable video of Kelly Clarkson and her daughter River Rose bouncing around to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.” (My favorite part is when Clarkson acknowledges that this song is totally inappropriate for a toddler. Ha!) We can’t wait to see what kind of moves you come up with!


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