Music for Dance Class: Thank Goodness for Miles Davis
November 29, 2001

Artist: Miles Davis

Album: Doo-Bop


What music should you play for students who are hearing-impaired? Antoine Hunter, who is hard-of-hearing himself, chooses loud songs with a heavy beat or brings in a live drummer.   “Every hard-of-hearing student is completely different,” he says. “Some can hear a bird and not a motorcycle. I can hear a motorcycle and not a bird. But, thank goodness, I can hear a bit of Miles Davis.”


Hunter uses Davis’ music in his jazz classes for a center floor workout. ” ‘Chocolate Chip’ is easy to follow and has a strong enough beat to hear and feel,” he says. “I also use this for my hip-hop classes when students are having a hard time keeping rhythm. I use ‘High Speed Chase,’ which has a faster tempo, to speed up our dancing. I love keeping dancers on their feet, and this keeps them moving. Students love this album because it’s fun and upbeat.”


For more on Antoine Hunter and his music choices for class, check out “Feel the Beat”

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