Music for Dance Class: It's Britney
November 29, 2001

Artist: Britney Spears

Album: Blackout


Do you have that one artist that you can always turn to in class? Whether it be a slow or fast combination, one full of emotion or something just for fun, certain artists just deliver every time. For Boston-based dancer, choreographer and teacher Marcus Aguirre, that artist is Britney Spears. (If you’re not already a fan, the recent “Britney/Brittany” episode of Glee is sure to convert you.)


“Britney is my number one that I use for everything,” says Aguirre. “I basically started dancing because of her music. I was shy growing up, and she made me unleash.” Since Aguirre loves to get ‘sassy’ in his classes, Britney offers the perfect inspiration. His favorite is her Blackout album. “Everything’s very up-tempo,” he says. “It’s just so dance.”


Which artist is your go-to in class? Tell us in a comment below!


And, to learn more about Marcos Aguirre’s choices for hip-hop class, check out “Bringing Sass to Class.”


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