Music for Dance Class: Cirque du Suzi
November 29, 2001

Suzi Tortora’s students may be young (She teaches children from when they are just 3 months old!), but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate quality tunes. “I’m interested in exposing kids to good music,” she says, and one of her favorite albums when teaching tots is Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco. Two songs particularly stand out: “Kumbalawé” and “Norweg.”


“‘Kumbalawé’ is a very welcoming song that I often use at the start of class as families are coming in. It sets a lovely tone and fills the room with a relaxed but flowing atmosphere,” says Tortora. “And ‘Norweg’ starts with a percussive pulse and then adds melodic vocals that overlay the rhythm.” She uses the later in classes for slightly older children. When improvising in class, some will work toward the rhythm and some toward the melody, she explains. “In this way, choreography starts to develop within the children as they listen to all the layers of the music.”



To learn more about Suzi Tortora and her choices for creative dance class, check out “Tunes for Tots.”




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