Music for Dance Class: A Wake Up Call for Beginning Tappers
September 28, 2010

Artist: Natalie Cole

Song/Album: “Straighten Up and Fly Right,” Unforgettable: With Love


Admit it, songs that are slow enough for your beginning tappers can often be, well, boring. To solve this problem, master tap teacher Germaine Salsberg has found this song that’s perfect for her inexperienced tappers without putting them to sleep.

“Cole’s voice really adds to the instrumentation. It is slow enough for basic and beginner combinations, but does not drag,” she says. “It has a great musical break, and the students really listen—sometimes they even sing along.”


So next time you’re worried that your students might drift off during a ball change, switch to something they can sing to, and your beginning classes will become a whole lot more fun.



Some content originally written by Tracy Krisanits. For more on Germaine Salsberg and her music choices for tap class, check out “Bring in the Noise.”


Also, read how she teaches a paddle and roll in “Technique: Germaine Salsberg.”

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