Mr. Gaga Is Coming to a Theater Near (Or Relatively Near) You This Month and Next
January 27, 2017

For those of you who have been eagerly anticipating the U.S. release of Mr. Gaga, the documentary about Batsheva’s artistic director Ohad Naharin, I have good news. It’s screening in New York City; Rochester, NY; Boston; Irvine, CA; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago; and Seattle. (Click here to see the full schedule, and check back often to see if new cities have been added.)

If you’re a part of the dance world, you’ve definitely heard of Naharin. He’s an Israeli former dancer and current choreographer who creates work that rips your guts out, squeezes your heart and challenges your perception of what modern dance is. His movement is idiosyncratic and incredibly powerful, and it always seems to come from the very innards of his dancers’ bodies. Oh, and he’s the creator of Gaga, an improvisatory technique that’s sensory-focused. The director Tomer Heymann followed Naharin for eight years (!) to create this documentary, so you know it’s going to be good.

The trailer seriously gives me chills (and I’ve seen Naharin’s work more times than I can count):

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