Move Over, #MannequinChallenge: #AndysComing
November 15, 2016

Just when I thought the internet couldn’t get any weird-cooler (mostly weirder): As the age of #MannequinChallenge dies out, it gives rise to #AndysComing. Though there’s still no actual dancing involved, it’s definitely movement-oriented. This time, whenever someone yells, “Andy’s coming!”, everyone in the camera frame has to drop lifelessly to the floor. It’s harkening back to Toy Story—that’s what the toys would do whenever the little boy who they belonged to (Andy, of course) was about to appear.

Sometimes it’s all about the stylized drop:

Other times, it’s about making it seem truly spontaneous:

Or maybe you just can’t stand to do another plié:

No matter what your motivation, we want to see your best #AndysComingChallenge! Tag us in the comments.

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