(More) Good News for Coffee Drinkers
September 13, 2012

Dance teachers and studio owners are constantly on the move, most likely running low on sleep with a full cup of coffee. Feeling like you should kick the caffeine addiction? Well, there’s nothing like a little scientific research to justify our vices. Do you remember in March when the news media crowned both chocolate and popcorn miracle foods (at least that’s how I chose to interpret it) within the same week? It was magical…and delicious.


Coffee has been enjoying good press for some time now, with evidence suggesting it helps with everything from weight loss to preventing dementia, and the latest research is no exception. A recent study in Norway stumbled upon evidence that indicates coffee may have a legitimate effect on pain management, as well. They’re not sure how much is needed to feel the effects, but it sounds to me like that third cup certainly couldn’t hurt.

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