Letter From the Editor: May Is Your Month!
May 2, 2024

May is your month, dance teachers. Ahead of all the Teacher Appreciation Week and Thank a Teacher Day celebrations, we at Dance Teacher want to express our gratitude and applaud you for everything you do to inspire and nurture the next generation!

This month, we hope you’ll take the time to appreciate your fellow dance educators as well. Let’s face it: As busy dance educators, we often spend most of our time with students, which means fewer opportunities to connect with colleagues. In our Teaching Tips column, you’ll find advice on developing this much-needed camaraderie and harmony with your colleagues this month and beyond.

Later this month, you’ll also get a glimpse into Germany-based choreographer and dancer Nick Palmquist’s unique approach to musicality along with his specially curated playlist on Spotify. Our Technique & Artistry feature focuses on teaching your students to wing and sickle their feet safely, with an approach that balances injury prevention and technique with aesthetics. And if you’re a studio owner, you’ll want to read a lawyer’s professional advice on why it’s important to pay attention to state laws to avoid putting your business at risk.

We’re also thrilled to honor Asian American Pacific Island Heritage Month by sharing several AAPI voices: Dabria Aguilar tells us about her meteoric rise from comp kid to Moulin Rouge! on Broadway; Chuyun Oh, associate professor at San Diego State University, talks about the school’s courses on K-pop dance theory and history—the first of their kind in North America; and our dance history spotlight is on yoga pioneer B.K.S. Iyengar. 

With excitement,
Reanne Rodrigues
[email protected]

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