May 2016
May 2, 2016

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  • “There’s nothing solo about the solo.” —Leah Cox

    By Karen Hildebrand

  • Leah Cox’s Trajectory from Performer to Dean of the American Dance Festival

    By Rachel Rizzuto

  • Best Practices for Studio Management

    By Nancy Wozny

  • Best Practices for Studio Management: How Does It Work When You Work with Your Spouse?

    By Nancy Wozny

  • Maguette Camara: How I Teach West African

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Ask the Experts: Explaining Choreography Letters to Parents

    By Joanne Chapman

  • Face to Face: Dorothy Gunther Pugh

    By Rachel Rizzuto

  • Teachers’ Tools: Nancy Murphy

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Music: Brian McGinnis

    By Alyssa Marks

  • Health: How to Make Sense of Serving Size

    By Andrea Marks

  • History: The Nicholas Brothers

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Theory & Practice: How to Master the Pirouette

    By Julie Diana

  • Higher Ed: VCU Professor Scott Putman’s Structural Reeducation Practice

    By Rachel Caldwell

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