May 2005
May 1, 2005

The Daily News

Jazz Tap Ensemble artistic director Lynn Dally celebrates 25 years at the helm of her company.

Old School Style

Lynn Dally shares some beloved choreography.

Salsberg Sounds Off

Master tap teacher Germaine Salsberg answers your questions about everything tap.

Buster Brown

A tap legend


A Helping Hand

How to train student teachers

Curb Chaos!

12 ways to create and keep control in the preschool classroom

Prepointe Perfect

School of American Ballet teacher Garielle Whittle shares six exercises for prepointe classes.

Rule the Teen Scene

Losing students to academics and extracurriculars? How to keep teenaged dancers dancing.

Thesis Statement

Help students create a senior project that encompasses past work and prepares them for life after college.

Everybody Dance Now!

Six strategies for integrating special education students into your classroom


The perfect tutu

Share and Share Alike

The cost benefits of sharing your studio space


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