Martha Hill Dance Fund Recognizes Diverse Accomplishments
November 16, 2016

On November 21, the Martha Hill Dance Fund honors two women with the Lifetime Achievement Award: movement researcher Ann Hutchinson Guest and dance writer Deborah Jowitt. Choreographer Frederick Earl Mosley receives the MHDF Mid-Career Award.

Ann Hutchinson Guest is an expert on Labanotation. She co-founded the Dance Notation Bureau in New York City and founded the Language of Dance Centre in London.

Photo courtesy of the Martha Hill Dance Fund

Deborah Jowitt is known for her career as dance critic for The Village Voice from 1967 to 2011 and has authored four books, in addition to dozens of articles and essays.

Photo courtesy of the Martha Hill Dance Fund

Frederick Earl Mosley, who danced with Ailey II, Gus Solomons jr and Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, is the artistic director of the Diversity of Dance, Inc., which offers residencies and workshops through the Connecticut-based Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts.

Photo courtesy of the Martha Hill Dance Fund

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