March 2010
March 1, 2010

Lynn Simonson

How I teach proper alignment

Taking Somatics Off the Mat…

…and into dance class

Finis Jhung

Coaching the boys of Billy Elliot

Reshaping the Dance Body

Help your students see their bodies in a healthy light.

Winging (and Sickling) It

How these tiny ankle motions affect your students’ dancing



Timeless tutus

High Five

Christy Wolverton of Dance Industry Performing Arts Center

Breaking Ballet Boundaries

Dwight Rhoden’s music choices range from Bach to Daft Punk.

Joseph H. Pilates

The man behind the method

1 + 1 = Pas de Deux

Pairing math and dance

Health Care Plan

Dancer wellness is a priority at Western Oregon University.

The Late Debate

Studio owners tame tardiness.

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