March 2008
March 1, 2008

The Journey Within

The Juilliard School’s anatomy expert Irene Dowd instructs students on the inner workings of dance.

Injury Intervention

Facts all dance teachers should know to prevent seven common injuries

Positive Reflections

Help students obtain a healthy body image.

A Better Barre

10 ways to shape up students’ demi pliés, relevés and more



New spins on the classic tutu

Ask the Experts

Tips on team-building and how to handle a student’s poor academic performance

Modern Marvels

Liven up modern class with Bill Evans’ expressive selections.

Performance Planner: Viva Las Vegas!

Channel the thrill of Sin City for your next show.

Jock Soto

The former New York City Ballet principal talks about transitioning from the stage.

Alwin Nikolais

Artist and pioneer of motion

Going Public

Three dance educators share insights on making the switch from private studios to public school.

Learning on the Move

Forget textbooks—dance is the lesson plan for today.

Making Fundraising Fair

How to organize a fuss-free event

In Good Company

Learn how your students can place first in etiquette

On the Side

Three studio owners dish on the perks and challenges of running a successful side business.

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