March 2001
March 1, 2001

2001-03Tharp Grows in Brooklyn

Living legend Twyla Tharp puts down roots with her new center.

Exploring New Worlds

Hernando Cortez exudes a passion and compassion that captivates audiences and helps wage the war against AIDS.

Trey Chic

Red hot dancemaker Trey McIntyre takes his choreography from the parking lot to the stages of the world.

My View: Improving Artistry In Jazz Dance Choreography

Taking jazz from coon to compelling is easier than you think.

A Growing Lesson

How to tailor your teaching to compensate for students’ growth spurts and talk them through the transition.

Learning From the Kennedy’s Culture

The Kennedy Center provides hands-on resources for teaching and incorporating dance in the classroom.

Licensed to Dance

Dance-specific certification for K-12 teachers can help establish the artform as a distinct teaching discipline.

The Board Game

Three studios share how having a solid board of directors helped them to expand and grow.

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