The Making of Sia's "Elastic Heart" Video
February 4, 2015

Sia, who is ultra-shy, appears in the video with a bunch of bananas superimposed over her face.


A few weeks ago, we wrote about Sia’s new “Elastic Heart” video and the controversy it stirred up: pairing “Dance Moms” television star Maddie Ziegler with the much older movie star Shia LaBeouf; clothing them both in nude, minimalist dance wear; their weird, inexplicable relationship in the video. A behind-the-scenes video, detailing the creation of “Elastic Heart,” now addresses some of those concerns. And the results were a bit surprising:

  • Sia reveals that “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” are actually part of a trilogy. So…expect more weirdness and nude leotards.
  • Choreographer Ryan Heffington was the one to recommend Shia LaBeouf to Sia. Sia says LaBeouf is her favorite actor.
  • Sia says she sees Maddie’s character as one of LaBeouf’s “self-states,” possibly an inner child or one of his demons. Heffington says he sees them as the same person, and the cage they dance inside of is their skull. (Dark, huh?)
  • When Sia first saw Maddie on “Dance Moms,” she cried while watching her perform!

Did that clear anything up for you? Find out more by watching the video.


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