June 2006
June 1, 2006

Business With the Benders

Innovative duo Kevin and Meri Bender build solid dancers and a strong community in Phoenix, Arizona.

Off the Beaten Path

Teaching dance in a community outside of an urban center.

Guest Spot

A guide to developing a contract to protect guest artists—and yourself

Right-Hand (Wo)Man

The pros and cons of hiring an office manager for your growing studio

Performance Planner: Animal Instinct

Animal-inspired performance themes to make any audience roar


Costume styles to help your dancers walk like the animals

Jack Cole

Founding father of theatrical jazz dance

Turning Dancers into Teachers

A look at how you can give non-dance education majors tools for future teaching careers

A Picture of Progress

Learn how portforlios can document your students’ growth—and your success as a teacher.

Ask the Experts

Answers to questions on leg-“straightening” exercises, overweight dancers and student advancement


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