July 2012
July 1, 2012

The Dance Whisperer

Director, teacher, mother: Denise Wall celebrates a life of achievement.

Denise Wall

Strategies for proper alignment

The Dance Teacher Awards

Congratulations to Katie Glasner, Liz Schmidt, Kim Stroud and Angela Whitehill

2012 Dance Directory

Resources for your studio and teaching career

On the World’s Stage

A conversation with Christopher Wheeldon

Teachers’ Tools

Up Close with Bridget Moore


The hottest jazz classwear, costumes and shoes

Keeping the Beat

Tracks for hip-hop class

On the Mat

Addressing safe yoga practices

Two for the Ages

The Nicholas Brothers

When Students Move On

What to do when your dancer wants to go to boarding school

Marks of Merit

How three college programs grade students

Saving Grace

Tight your belt without choking your business.

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