January 2017
January 3, 2017

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  • A Fresh Start

    By Karen Hildebrand

  • Xiomara Reyes Lands Soft and Starts Running at The Washington School of Ballet

    By Candice Thompson

  • Janet Panetta: How I Teach Ballet for Contemporary Dancers

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Ask the Experts: Follow-up for Potential New Students

    By Kathy Blake and Suzanne Blake Gerety

  • Face to Face: Stephen Petronio

    By Rachel Rizzuto

  • Teachers’ Tools: Karen Mills Jennings

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Music: Lydia Roberts Coco

    By Helen Rolfe

  • Health: Stop Eating Disorders Before They Start

    By Andrea Marks

  • History: Trisha Brown

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Theory & Practice: 5 Considerations for a Hands-on Teaching Approach

    By Julie Diana

  • Higher Ed: Bala Sarasvati Sends Students Soaring at the University of Georgia

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Studio Business: 10 Ways to Save $ on Master Classes

    Any savvy studio owner knows that bringing in guest artists is a good idea, whether for a two-hour master …

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