January 2005
January 1, 2005

An Extraordinary Gentleman

John Meehan talks about teaching ABT’s next generation

Many Happy Returns

How to help dancers get back into studio life after summer study

Going Back to School

A rundown of the major types of continuing education options available today

Time Out

A sabbatical is a special opportunity to pursue a personal or professional drea.

The 2005 Continuing Education & Summer Study Guide

More than 125 continuing education and summer study programs in the U.S. and abroad

Performance Planner: In Your Element

Earth, fire, wind and water are the perfect ingredients for an original recital

Marius Petipa

The bard of classical ballet

Running a Temperature

How to pick the perfect setting for your studio thermostat

How-To: Activity Calendar

27 class and studio activities to spice up your year

Play Time

Games can be a great tool for teaching young children dance basics.

Declaration of Independence

How to start an independent study program in dance

It’s All Relative

Teaming up parents and children turns competition into a family affair.


Costumes with sequins and rhinestones

Armed Against Injury

Three exercises to prevent upper-body injury

Breathing Ins and Outs

Breathing techniques to increase endurance and optimize performance

Safe and Sound

How to assess the safety of your studio and be prepared for an emergency

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