An Immersive Tap History Lesson
July 12, 2016

Tony Waag’s annual Tap City dance festival in New York City has a new program this year—Tap Treasures: a Tap Dance Storytelling Tour. Participants learn about the history and evolution of tap dance through a three-day tour of Manhattan locations where the best and brightest stars made their marks. Locations include the Apollo Theater in Harlem, The New 42nd Street and the American Tap Dance Center, founded by Tony Waag and Brenda Bufalino. Tap City, which takes place July 9–16, features performances and classes taught by Syncopated Ladies’ Chloé Arnold and Melinda Sullivan, Michelle Dorrance and Jason Mills.

Caleb Teicher performs with ATDF.

Photo by Vitaliy Piltser, courtesy of ATDF

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