Have You Considered Booking Your Teaching Gigs Using Instagram?
March 14, 2018

If you’re looking to find new teaching jobs or just expand your reach as a teacher, look no further than your Instagram account. Developing a digital voice that connects with studios and dancers is an easy (and cost-free) strategy to boost your profile.

“Instagram has definitely shined a spotlight on my gifts as a teacher,” says Kelby Brown, who’s taught for American Ballet Theatre and at conventions like The PULSE.

“I have had many inquiries about teaching master classes or being asked to be on faculty at different schools. It has also kept dance competitions in the know and reminds them to bring me out as a judge and educator.”

Here, Brown offers his insights to make your Insta account start working for you.

Create a Posting Schedule

I usually post Monday through Friday on a good week. Otherwise I post roughly three days a week. It depends on how much material I have, or if I need to savor the moments. I love to build at least two weeks of posts to stay ahead of the game. I basically create a catalog of posts weekly that can last up to two weeks.

Make It Personal

You have to be visible so people know who you are and what you do. This is important so your followers know you as a person and not just as a selling machine. Ultimately, if people are interested in you the person, it will translate into their interest of you the brand. You are your brand. So balance your content with your real life.

Add the Extras

Just like auditioning for a job, the last thing they see is that headshot to remember you by. It’s imperative to post great pictures with great filters, if needed. A great message to go along with the picture is helpful. We all need positive motivation! But change it up with videos, boomerangs, quotes, etc.

Be Consistent

Stay on brand and always use the same fonts and video styles. Use popular hashtags. Inspire your audience, and they will tend to like you more. Know your audience, and let your audience know you. Choose how frequently you post and stick to that. Don’t overpost and don’t underpost. Use the Insta stories when possible.

Tagging Is Your Friend

Always tag star dancers, popular organizations and brands (i.e. @maddieziegler, @jump, @capezio, etc.). Studios have often reposted my posts when it involves their students. Most of all, have fun and be creative.

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