How to Binge-Watch Dance History
May 20, 2015


From the male-female duet playlist: Jacoby & Pronk in Rhapsody Fantaisie, 2010

Dance history nerds, get excited: Jacob’s Pillow just launched its all-new, completely redesigned digital resource website, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive. If you—like me—enjoy browsing archival dance footage and testing your dance history knowledge by taking interactive quizzes, you’re in luck. This website will entertain you for hours—no, weeks. Months, even. This version has it all: It’s completely optimized for every mobile device; it features dance video playlists (all curated by Norton Owen, Jacob’s Pillow’s estimable director of preservation) grouped around themes like “male-female duets” and “immersive dance environments”; and a truly challenging dance history Guess Game (even as DT’s History column editor, I struggled to get a perfect score—over multiple attempts).

And if you’re all history-ed up by this website, imagine how pumped your students will be! A site this interactive promises instant attention-grabbing. Why not binge-watch on some dance?

Screenshot courtesy of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive


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