How Pilates Helped This Pitcher Turn His Game Around
April 4, 2016

Yes, this bearded, burly sports man does Pilates.

Pilates for the win! In a Sports Illustrated profile, Jake Arrieta, pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, revealed that Pilates (!) is a big part of why he’s had such a great couple of seasons. (He struggled while a part of the Baltimore Orioles earlier in his career and actually contemplated quitting baseball altogether.)

Arrieta—who considers himself a workout junkie, always ready to try something new—discovered Pilates by chance when passing by a studio. One session in, he was convinced Pilates would be a game-changer for his physique and pitching style. Arrieta names improved body control, balance and physical and mental toughness as benefits of Pilates.

Um, hello. We’ve been saying this for years. What about you? Do you offer Pilates at your studio, or include basic exercises in any of your class warm-ups?

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Photo via YouTube

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