How Dancers Get Their Summer On
July 31, 2015

It’s almost August. That means you’re busy hosting summer classes and prepping for a new school year. Meanwhile, dancers across the country are on tour or performing at festivals with their companies’ fall seasons just around the corner. But amid the mayhem, we all hope for a little time to enjoy what we love about this time of year: sun, sand and water! Take a look at what Instagram tells us about how some of our favorite performers spend their warm-weather months.

They hang out by the pool,


or just catch some rays.


They frolic in fountains,


and take in the scenery.


They go to Disney!


They relax in canoes,


maybe try a little paddle boarding…


And who doesn’t love a quiet day at the beach?


(Or a sunset boat ride?)


Most of all though…


They dance!


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