This HIV Dance Video Will Give You All the Feels
June 16, 2016

Well, here’s an HIV dance video beautiful enough to rip your heart out and educate you on the miracles of science all at the same time. Your boy Ryan Heffington is at it again, this time with a dance illustrating the science of HIV.

It’s part of the #endhiv campaign, which includes the long-awaited proposed vaccine to end the virus (which will start human trials soon). Heffington’s choreography is simple and evocative; Lucian Piane’s score is perfect; and even the costumes—also by Heffington!—play an important part in the video, directed by Blake Martin. (Watch ’til the end to see what I mean.) Plus, actress Julianne Moore narrates. It’s a truly well-done example of the interdisciplinary power of dance. (It reminded me of the TEDxBrussels talk that Carl Flink’s company, Black Label Movement, did with molecular biologist John Bohannon.)

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