History Quiz: Anna Sokolow
January 2, 2010

1. True or False: Anna Sokolow had her first encounter with dance during college.


2. Who were the two teachers that she studied under while on scholarship at the Neighborhood Playhouse?


3.What type of dancer did Sokolow often joke that she could have been, but it would not have suited her radical temperament?


4. What is the name of the dance company that she founded in 1933?


5. What off-Broadway musical did she create original choreography for in 1967?


6. Name the work that Sokolow created in response to the Holocaust.


7. In what country did she help establish a government-sponsored modern dance company?


8. Who recommended that Sokolow introduce the American style of modern dance to Israel’s Inbal Dance Theatre?


9. Where, in New York City, did she teach dance and drama for more than 30 years?


10. Fill in the blanks: In a 1966 essay, Sokolow wrote: “To the young dancer I want to say, ‘Do what you (           ) you are, not what you (           ) you ought to be.’”



1. False; Her first encounter occurred at age 10 during an after-school class.

2. Louis Horst and Martha Graham

3. A ballet dancer

4. Dance Group of the Theatre Union

5. Hair (1967)

6. Dreams (1961)

7. Mexico

8. Jerome Robbins

9. The Juilliard School

10. feel; think


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