High Five with Kristy Ulmer
February 27, 2012

Dance Teacher asked Kristy Ulmer of KJ Dance Designs in Plano, Texas, to share her business and personal New Year’s resolutions.


In the Studio


1 Continue to offer continuing education to my staff. It’s important to motivate my instructors with a unified plan of progress.


2 Arrange more time for staff meetings with an emphasis on communication. As our studio has grown, it is essential that we stay on the same page with teaching styles and methods.


3 Expand our current off-campus physical education program. We have 75 students in our dance company, and many get a PE credit for dance. I think it would be ideal to utilize our studio space from 12 to 3 pm with more of our off-campus students if possible.


4 Find a great ballroom teacher and begin offering ballroom classes.


5 Last year we had all the studio teachers write cumulative notes for each student throughout the year. The parents loved the feedback, but I would really like to improve this system by presenting the feedback quarterly.


At Home


1 Get to know myself better outside the studio.


2 Reserve an hour a day for my personal development as a leader in my business.


3 Actually make it to yoga five days a week.


4 Travel at least once a year for pleasure—not for something work-related!


5 Keep a daily journal to document the small and large moments in the studio that make me feel so abundantly blessed.


Photo: Kristy Ulmer (right) and dancers (courtesy of KJ Dance)

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