Here's Why You Should Be Thankful for Dance Moms
August 30, 2018

Dance moms can be the bane of a dance teacher’s existence, but they’re also superwomen. The next time you want to freak out at one of them for asking why their daughter isn’t front and center of their lyrical piece, take a step back, and remember these six reasons why they’re actually totally awesome.

1. They pay you a lot of money.

At the end of the day, dance is an expensive passion. While you’re certainly worth the money, don’t forget the major sacrifice parents are making in order to let their children dance.

2. If they’re crazy, it means they care.

An overly involved parent is always better than an apathetic parent. Your dancer’s greatest chance at success will come if everyone in their life is encouraging them to do their best, parents included.

3. They’re cheering for your studio’s success.

As your client, they want your studio to succeed. The better you do, the brighter their dancer’s future is. We all need as many people in our corner as possible, so don’t take their support for granted!

4. They throw parties, get involved in fundraisers and bring treats.

Dance parents go above and beyond in making dance a great experience. Think of every parent-planned event you’ve ever had at your studio. They are over the top and fabulous. You’re so lucky!

5. They love you and are thankful for you.

Even if they don’t always say it, or you don’t always feel it, your dance moms love you. 😍😍😍

6. They gave life to one of your star students, and for that you should be eternally grateful.

Bless them. They gave you Susie with the banana feet and Rachel with X-factor performance quality.

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