Google (Across the Pond) Celebrates "The Nutcracker"
December 18, 2012

This date—December 18—in 1892 marked the world premiere of The Nutcracker at the Maryisnky Theater in St Petersburg. In honor of the ballet’s 120th anniversary, Google has created a Google Doodle featuring a nutcracker doll, a couple mid-pas de deux, a mouse king and other festive details from the production.!

For some reason, however, the United States wasn’t invited to Clara’s party! Alas, our Google site remains its usual primary-colored self. Do they think there aren’t any ballet-lovers stateside? This is the Olympics’ Closing Ceremonies all over again! In the spirit of the season, we’ll try not to let this oversight taint our celebratory mood today…and at least we can still enjoy the Doodle at!

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