#GoldenTicket: For Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Associate Choreographer
March 28, 2017

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s associate choreographer Alison Solomon is no stranger to being part of a new Broadway production. From working as an associate on the revival of Gigi and Carol King’s Beautiful to being Finding Neverland’s assistant dance captain/swing, she knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a choreographer’s right-hand Woman.

Dance Teacher: What does being an associate choreographer entail?

Solomon: Being an associate is a position of extreme balance between organization and creativity. I always have to be one step ahead. My eraser is my best friend as I track changes made throughout rehearsals and into tech and previews. This position requires an ability to read a room, to know when to step in and to be aware of and able to collaborate with all other departments. Working with this caliber of Broadway professionals makes for a quick process, and I love the pace and excitement that come with putting up a brand-new musical.

DT: What’s it like working with Josh Bergasse?

AS: Working on Charlie with Josh has been a very inventive and exciting process. We have had the chance to include so many different genres of dance, from German slap dancing to ballet to puppetry—it’s always an adventure! Josh is extremely collaborative, and I love that he really trusts me and encourages my creative input. It has been so exciting to be in the room, not only with Josh, but also with Jack [O’Brien, director] and Christian [Borle, Willy Wonka]. These three artists have such a long-standing relationship, which has made this experience truly feel like being a kid in a candy shop.

For more information, visit charlieonbroadway.com.

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