Get Your Students In Back-To-School Mode With These 4 Memorable Musical Numbers
July 31, 2017

The end of summer is near, (cue sad trombone), and most young people are less than thrilled to return to their regularly scheduled programs. Perk your dancers up with these classics songs so they’ll be running back to class.

“Summer Nights,” Grease

This classic 1978 dance number that started in the cafeteria at Rydell High captures the bittersweet farewell to summer. When Danny Zuko, Sandy, the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds reminisced about their shenanigans, it’s hard not to dance (and sing) along.

“Fame,” Fame

The high school students dancing atop cars in traffic in 1980s Times Square, choreographed by Louis Falco, is nothing short of perfect inspiration for getting back to class—dance class, that is.

“You Can’t Stop the Beat,” Hairspray

You can’t stop summer from being over, but you also won’t be able to physically stop this infectious beat, paired with Adam Shankman’s choreography from the 2007 film, from entering your bones.

“We’re All In This Together,” High School Musical

If your students are still bummed about getting back to class, let Zac Efron and company’s cheery, upbeat celebration by Kenny Ortega reminds everyone that we’re all in this together.

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