Fox Announces a New Dance Drama Series
November 17, 2016

This looks interesting: Fox—home of “So You Think You Can Dance”—has announced that another dance television show is in the works. This time, it’ll be a drama called “The Cut,” which is being described as “Friday Night Lights” meets Center Stage.

It’s going to be set at a fictional dance conservatory in New York City (the Manhattan School of Dance—very original name, yes?). And while the plot definitely sounds like stuff we’ve heard before (subway performer hopes to move past his crime-filled past and make it at the conservatory—you know, basically the plot of Save the Last Dance and Step Up), there is reason to hope. That’s because the series is written by Joe Sofranko and Lili Fuller, two actor-choreographers who first met as YoungArts winners. Fuller is also the artistic director of Boom Kat Dance Theatre, a Los Angeles–based performance art company. So at least we know the writers have the chops to pull this off!

In a Pitch Perfect twist, here’s Fuller’s choreography for the University of Southern California’s SoCal Vocals, an a cappella group that’s won international championships:

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