Flesh and Bone and Draaa-ma: Starz’s New Ballet Series
April 30, 2015

It’s heeeeeere! The first trailer for Starz’s limited-run series “Flesh and Bone”—which follows a young ballerina who joins a big-deal New York company—is out. It looks like it’ll be a cross between Black Swan (the young ballerina is apparently emotionally wounded) and Center Stage (because Sascha Radetsky/Charlie the Dance Hunk is in this, too!). In other words, expect a lot of drama—but hopefully a lot of good dancing, too. Sarah Hay, who dances for the Dresden Semperoper Ballet, definitely has the chops, as do a few more familiar faces in this short trailer, like former American Ballet Theatre principal Irina Dvorovenko. Plus, Ethan Stiefel reportedly served as consultant and choreographer. (It’s a Center Stage reunion!)

It doesn’t look like this will be a show to watch with your youngsters, though. In this video alone, there are temper tantrums (chairs are thrown), drugs (in pill form) and a choreographer who complains that she “can’t do anything with some frigid, small-town virgin.” And possibly a strip club. (Also, a foot tat that reads “Take No Prisoners.”)

Take a look:


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