Filming for a Dance Audience
May 30, 2012

After last week’s premiere, I’m expecting great things on SYTYCD tonight. I have one small complaint about the show as a whole, though, and that’s the film editing. Has anyone else noticed that it often focuses more on the judges’ reactions than the actual dancing? I guess it makes sense to show a non-dance audience how trained observers respond to movement (and sometimes Nigel Lythgoe’s expressions of horror or awe are quite priceless), but someone needs to make sure they don’t cut away at crucial moments.


In this clip from last week, beginning around 1:45, B-Boy Shafeek Westbrook gets himself into a position so extreme we have no idea how far he’ll go or if he’s going to be able to come out of it, but then they never show us because all we can see are the judges amazed faces. How frustrating! Check it out:



Let’s hope we don’t miss any amazing moments this evening.



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