February 2007
February 1, 2007

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Fabian Barnes celebrates 20 years of performance and outreach.

Hip Hop, You Don’t Stop

Learn how to develop a comprehensive hip-hop program that’s right for your school.

Few Good Men

Young men may just be discovering dance during their college years. Here’s how to draw them into the dance studio and encourage their growth.


Outfits that will make your male dancers want to shake a leg

Make Your Studio Boy-Ready

Apply these simple tips to help male dancers feel welcome at your facility.

Fair Play

Make sure your male and female students are treated equally.

Edward Villella

A conversation with the legendary dancer-turned-artistic director. He emphasizes artistry in his teaching.

Performance Planner: West Side Story Update

Convert this audience favorite into your own recital.

Music to Your Ears

Five programs for editing music for recitals and competitions

Smart Moves

ArtsSmarts is part of a grassroots effort to bring arts into the classroom.

Ask the Experts

Answers to questions about paying employees under the table, studio flooring and pushy parents

B is for Budget

Keep your recital spending under control with our handy budget worksheet.

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