February 2002
February 1, 2002

02-2002Down The Line With Gregory Hines

Gregory Hines builds the future of tap by sharing its all-American past.

Homer’s Odyssey

Homer Bryant’s 12-year artistic quest to provide underprivileged kids in Chicago with dance.

Growing New Dancers

Boston’s Topf Center for Dance Education gives at-risk students a chance to discover dance.

Changing the World Through Dance

Robin Horneff teaches students how dance can become a means for personal and social change.

Bridging Cultures

Hema Rajagopalan gives Chicago a taste of India.

Teaching With All the Senses

Learning to include visually impaired students in your dance classes.

Dancing With Imagination

Four videos offer new ways of thinking about dance.

The Drive For Perfection

Identifying and combating unhealthy competitive attitudes in students.

Nurturing Good Habits Through Dance

How dancing can foster important life skills.

Winning Strategies for Your Banking

Nine steps that dance educators can take to maximize their money.


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