Evian Dancing Babies Are the 2013 YouTube Most-Watched Ad of the Year
December 13, 2013

If you’ve managed to turn on a television in the past eight months, odds are you’ve seen Evian’s “baby & me” commercial, which features adults dancing in a magically mirrored store window—their reflections are adorable baby versions of themselves. (In case you’re confused about the point Evian is making here—that drinking this water will make you feel as youthful as, say, a toddler—consider Evian’s long history with babies. According to Laurent Houel, Evian’s global brand director, Evian was first recommended as the perfect water for babies to drink in France, as far back as 1935. There’s also been the hugely popular 2009 Evian commercial with babies on roller skates.)

YouTube just named the 2013 “baby & me” commercial as the number-one most-watched ad on its site. Take this as an opportunity to revisit choreographer Michael Rooney’s sweet dance moves for adults and babies alike, and be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video below to get a glimpse of how they made all this baby magic happen.

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