Editor's Note: How Do You Define Success?
May 31, 2013

When it comes to running a dance studio, what exactly is success? Is it about winning awards? Is it about revenue? Enrollment? Community reputation? Famous alumni? For many, it’s all about watching youngsters blossom in dance class.

Artistic Fusion Dance Academy in Denver seems to have it nailed on all these accounts. When Jennifer Owens and Julie Jarnot (on the cover) first opened in 2000, their company won awards right out of the gate. And if the competition circuit had a congeniality award for studio directors, the sisters would almost certainly bring home the trophy. Turn to “Yin and Yang”—their story puts to rest the myth that nice guys finish last.

Running a smart business while also maintaining high artistic and training standards isn’t easy. We all know of devoted dance teachers who seem almost ashamed to admit that they get paid to do their job. But at Dance Teacher, we advocate for operating a profitable business as the best way to deliver your labor of love. Every issue is filled with expert advice and tips from experienced studio owners.

In this issue:

• Nancy Wozny gets the 411 on all those crowdfunding requests that have been showing up in your e-mail: “Kickstarting Your Dream.”

• We know you have a long to-do list. But what if the item that could make the biggest difference isn’t even on it? “Time for a Tune-Up,” by editor Rachel Rizzuto.

• You don’t have to teach in a public-school setting to take a lesson from the K–12 story this month: “Making a Safe Space for Dance,” by Hannah Maria Hayes.

We love hearing your success stories, so please continue to share. One way is to enter the Dance Teacher Video of the Month contest. Post a short clip (to dancemedia.com) of your students performing their best competition or recital number. Or demonstrate the way you teach an element of technique. If your video is selected, we’ll feature your studio the way we did with Spectrum’s Dance Factory in Jacksonville, FL.

In “Ask the Experts” this month, Kathy Blake and Suzanne Blake Gerety recommend investing in yourself by attending dance conferences or business training. A great option is the Dance Teacher Summit, where the pages of Dance Teacher magazine come to life. August 5–7, New York City. Details at danceteachersummit.com.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

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