Editor's Note
May 31, 2012

As we put together our annual studio business issue, a theme began to emerge. Not only did it seem the biggest challenges faced by studio owners were caused by things they couldn’t plan for, it was often a matter of not knowing the right questions to ask. Sound familiar?


In this issue these resilient entreprenuers tell how they solved problems or simply faced up to a new reality with grace and determination.


– In “Creating the Dream Studio,” we’ll give you the questions four studio owners wished they’d asked when renovating space. It will help you troubleshoot for your next building project.


– In “Surviving the Storm,” you’ll read about studio directors who learned they could overcome famine, flood and fire—with the help of their communities.
l And in “Built to Last,” you’ll meet the charming Blackstones, who’ve grown (and changed!) as businesspeople over 30 years. They literally danced their way into our hearts the rainy afternoon we visited Denise Daniele Dance Studio in southern New Jersey.


If you enjoy these stories, I invite you to attend the Dance Teacher Summit, July 27–29, when studio owners and teachers will gather in New York City to share best practices and inspiration. Talk about community! All year, you work hard, often on your own, to make everything happen. Imagine what takes place when 1,600 people just like you come together. It’s pretty incredible. www.danceteachersummit.com


In the meantime, I’d love to hear what’s on your mind. Write to me at [email protected] or “like” Dance Teacher on Facebook.


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