Editor's Note
August 1, 2010

Fall brings new beginnings. Just as we were going to press for this issue, American Ballet Theatre announced that Susan Jaffe (on the cover) will become its ballet mistress in October. We photographed Jaffe teaching her advanced ballet class at the Princeton, New Jersey, studio that she has co-owned with Risa Kaplowitz since 2003. It was a treat to watch Jaffe demonstrate the rock-solid attitude turns that made her famous as a performer. Congratulations, Susan, on an exciting career move!


This issue is filled with inspiration and resources to give you a jump-start on the new season—whether you’re teaching in a studio, K–12 classroom or university dance program. (And don’t forget to order a copy of the new Dance Magazine College Guide to help answer questions from your college-bound students.)


    —    It’s the start of competition season, and with it comes the delicate process of auditioning new team members. New Hampshire studio director Jennifer Rienert shares her unique system here.

    —    Karen Kaufmann’s fall schedule at the University of Montana will be extra full, thanks to persistent pavement-pounding for her innovative dance programs that teach math and science concepts in the public schools. Arts funding may be slim, but Kaufmann has found a way to succeed. We tell her story here.

    —    When an injury occurs, medical attention is the best course of action. But many dance-related injuries can be prevented. Check out our chart of the 10 most common and how to avoid them.

    —    It can be frustrating when students with special needs cause disruptions in your class. Don’t you wish you knew how to help them really receive what you have to offer? In Theory & Practice, we share advice you can immediately put to use.


While educators everywhere prepare to open their doors to students returning from summer break, some are still getting in some rejuvenation. Here in New York, the Dance Teacher Summit welcomes more than 900 educators on August 2 for three days of dance classes and business seminars, plus the exciting final round of the A.C.E. choreography competition and presentation of the Dance Teacher Awards. I hope we’ll see you at the Hilton New York.

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