Editor's Note
February 1, 2011

It was an all-star cast at Steps on Broadway the day we photographed Chloé Arnold for the cover. Tap dancers from all over New York City (and from the pages of this magazine!) answered a call for the impromptu class, including Chloé’s sister and DC Tap Festival business partner, Maud; Dan Mitra, the young tapper who received a Presidential Scholar Award and appeared in our May 2009 Tap City Youth Ensemble coverage; and Shelby Kaufman and Jill Kenney, who appeared in the May 2010 Technique feature. Best of all, Arnold showed up to teach in glamorous, silver high-heeled boots. “People don’t understand how much harder it is to get the strong sound from high heels,” commented Jill Kenney, who was dripping with sweat from teaching an earlier class.


Learn more about how Arnold has and is distinguishing herself as dancer, mentor, teacher and producer in “Five Teachers, Five Venues”. Her story kicks off a look at the careers of five educators who have forged unique paths, all under the umbrella title of “dance teacher.”


Have you considered broadening your studio’s offerings with classes for adults? In “Night School,” Mary Ellen Hunt writes about the rewards of teaching ballet to adult beginners. She shares business and teaching advice from the directors of San Francisco Academy of Ballet, the Joffrey School of New York and Tapestry Dance in Austin. And to keep your adult students safe, our experts share ways to modify traditional dance stretches for less flexible adults in “Mindful Moderation.”


Dance Teacher’s K–12 editor, Katie Rolnick, was impressed when she learned about a group of high school teachers in Phoenix started by Arizona State University faculty member, Becky Dyer. The group meets regularly to design lesson plans to help dance teachers better address teens’ social and emotional needs. In “Dance Your Troubles Away,” Janet Weeks reports on the successful experiences at two of the schools.


Want to come to New York and be honored at the Dance Teacher Summit in July? Nominate yourself or an esteemed colleague for the 2011 Dance Teacher Awards. We’re looking for educators who’ve demonstrated dedication, leadership and overall excellence in one of three categories: studios & conservatories, K–12 and higher ed. Click here for details, and send your nomination before March 1.

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