Doug Varone: What My Teacher Taught Me
July 12, 2013

Doug Varone may have 25 years of choreographing under his belt, but he’s not complacent about changing up his process. He credits this largely to Power Boothe, a visual artist with whom he collaborated on the set design for the 1992 piece Momentary Order, for Doug Varone and Dancers.

“The project we collaborated on took my artistry in a new direction, because of the advice Power gave me: Stay firm to what your vision is. Believe in who you are and never waver from that, no matter where trends go. It’s great to always be reinfluenced by new ideas, but true artistry lives within who you

are.” —Doug Varone

Varone’s Mouth Above Water”

Doug Varone and Dancers will perform at the Bates Dance Festival July 18 and 20. You can also catch Varone’s choreography in the musical Murder Ballad, playing at the Union Square Theatre through July 21.

Photos by Danny Roberts; Rose Eichenbaum

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