These Dancers Are Redefining What a “Dancer’s Body” Looks Like
January 11, 2017

Armstrong, center, with the rest of PBM. Photo courtesy of PBM.

If your full-figured dancers need a role model, look no further than Akira Armstrong. She’s a Beyoncé video dancer who started her own company, Pretty Big Movement (featuring plus-size dancers), after struggling to find consistent work as a professional dancer. Clearly a talented dancer, she’s assembled a group of equally enthusiastic and gifted dancers with curves like hers.

Armstrong’s adolescent struggles will probably sound familiar to you and your curvier dancers (“My costume was always different from everyone else’s,” “Family members used to make fun of me—it was frustrating”), but PBM is clearly a huge confidence booster, not just for Armstrong and her dancers, but for girls everywhere. “It’s about uplifting and empowering women,” says Armstrong, “to feel like they can do anything—not just dance.”

Learn more about Armstrong and PBM in this video:

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