Dancer, the Sergei Polunin Documentary, Hits Theaters Today
September 16, 2016

Remember Sergei Polunin? If you don’t, surely you remember his viral video to Hozier’s “Take Me to Church.” Bare-chested and clearly baring some emotional issues, as well, Polunin—the latest bad boy of ballet—has garnered some 15 million views on YouTube, not to mention a series of pretty hilarious parodies.

It turns out that Polunin’s 15 minutes of fame are still ticking by. He’s the subject of the documentary, Dancer, which comes out today. His life is certainly worthy of documentation: The youngest-ever principal dancer at The Royal Ballet (at age 19), Polunin infamously walked out of a rehearsal two years later, effectively quitting ballet. So what’s he up to now? Apparently he has his sights set on a career in Hollywood.

The trailer—and I’m kind of surprising myself here, saying this—actually looks pretty compelling:

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